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Informa Economics

Australia Crop Services

Informa Economics has joined forces with another global affiliate, Australian Crop Forecasters.   Based in Melbourne, Australian Crop Forecasters is the leading independent Australian crop information service covering a wide range of reports, helping you and  your company to formulate timely and accurate risk assessment. Clients include traders, grain storage companies, end-users, banks and major physical and derivatives trading houses, both domestically in Australia and abroad.

Informa Economics and Australian Crop Forecasters will provide you with the following crop information:


  • Precipitation

  • Crop Reporting

  • Supply/Demand

  • Exports and Market Shares

  • Wheat Quality


As with all of the global crop services that Informa Economics offers, the Australia reports will offer your business advantages you cannot be without:


  • A more detailed estimate and analysis of Australia's crop situation than in any other Australia-focused report that Informa Economics offers;

  • Detailed maps, charts, tables and narratives of Australia's crop situation, crop quality, precipitation and trade situation that cannot be found anywhere else; and

  • A report written in the common language of the market by an organization based in Australia -- designed to make it easier for you and your business to act upon the data and analysis.

Specific Product Listings, Pricing and Sample Reports:


Crop Report Package - US$ 18,000 / year (you may also contact us for quarterly pricing)

Crop Forecast - Our flagship monthly crop forecast of area, yield and tonnage for eleven winter and two summer crops across five states and thirty-three different sub-regions. This spreadsheet includes 10 years of historic data.

Crop Report - The monthly crop report consists of a two page PDF summary that compares new season forecasts with the previous season's production and outlines growing conditions at a regional level.

Harvest Wire - A weekly three-page PDF report sent during November January, analyzing weather, warehouse receivals, harvest pace, quality and any other stories that are impacting the harvest.

Crop Tours - Usually a crop tour is undertaken in the later stages of the growing season. We give you a firsthand look at growing conditions including weather, harvest pace and quality.

Crop Conditions Index Rankings - This report analyzes conditions across 308 shires in the grain belt and ranks them against the ACF index. This report is released monthly during the growing season from July to November.

Annual Grower Survey Results - Australia's biggest grower planting survey, taking in around 2000 growers and giving an accurate indication of planting intentions and area for the season. The report is released in early August and comprehensively analyses the changes in crop composition nationally.

The Rainfall Monitor picks up data from over 1.600 weather stations, covering the primary production regions across Australia.  The report looks at current rainfall compared to the mean and any seasonal weather trends emerging and the impact on the coming season.  The six-page report is sent at the start of every month.

Wheat Quality Report is Australia's only independent report to estimate the wheat crop by grade, state and port zone. The six-page report is sent monthly and also includes the historical breakdown of quality and grade spreads.





Export Stem Service - US$ 4,200 / year (you may also contact us for quarterly pricing)

This report brings together data from all Australian ports, including historical shipments, forward stem, summary by grade/port, trader market share and vessel destination.




For more information on subscribing to the Australia Crop Production Services, please contact:

Informa Economics Group
Tel: 901.202.4600

The current roster of countries that we offer Crop Production Services for are:
  • Argentina Crop Production Survey with partnership with AGRO T.E.C.E.I.

  • Australia Crop Reports / Packages with affiliate Australian Crop Forecasters

  • Brazil Crop Production Survey with partnership from our Brazil office, Informa Economics FNP

  • Canada Crop Acreage and Production Report with our partnership from our Canadian office in Winnipeg, CA

  • China Crop Acreage and Production Report with our partnership with Polyresource International

  • India Crop Information with our affiliate Agriwatch

  • Russia Crop Production Information

  • Ukraine Crop Production Information

  • US Crop Acreage and Production Report from Informa Economics

  • World Crop Report from Informa Economics



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