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Informa Economics

Informa Economics IEG's Impact Services

Informa Economics IEG provides analysis of economic impacts on local, state, and national levels.

Economic Impact Studies

Informa Economics IEG pairs its industry insight and market research with economic based Input-Output models in order to provide clients with economic impact estimates. Informa provides economic impact analysis to assist clients in answering questions such as:

  • How will a region benefit from the construction or expansion of a new food processing plant (e.g., Jobs, GDP, and Taxes)?

  • How will an investment in infrastructure benefit a particular industry and the surrounding economic area?

  • How many direct and indirect jobs will be created from a new milling facility?

  • What is the economic impact of the U.S. sugar industry?

  • What are the top ten industries that benefit from expanding dairy production?

Measurable Economic Impacts

The economic measures commonly covered are calculated using IMPLAN, which is an economic Input-Output model. This model traces inter-industry and consumer transactions thereby providing a multiplier for estimating economic impacts. Results can be classified as one time impacts, which is the case from construction projects, or as ongoing from continued operations.

The impacts are estimated for:

  • Jobs

  • Labor Income

  • Industry Sales

  • National or Regional GDP

  • State Tax Revenue

  • Federal Tax Revenue

Our Strengths

Informa maintains extensive databases for agricultural crop and food production, energy including renewables, transportation, and agricultural infrastructure.

Informa understands the economics of most sectors within the various agricultural supply chains. This information is used to customize Input-Output models to a specific question.

Informa is also aware of the limitations of Input-Output models. Thus, after final results are run in the model, Informa has the necessary insight to interpret the results.

Examples of Economic Impact Projects

Informa Economics IEG has developed a variety of economic impact reports for industry groups, individual firms, and government agencies. Several of the examples listed below are public information and have been underlined:

  • Evaluating the impacts to a state's economy from changes in state tax rates and also the impact to the agricultural sector

  • Evaluating the economic impact of the "Low Carbon Fuel Standard"

  • Evaluating the economic impact of the Indiana Ethanol Industry

  • Determining the economic impact for U.S. renewable fuel standard scenarios

  • Estimating the economic impact of GIPSA's proposed rules

  • Investigating the impacts from the construction of a livestock processing facility

  • Analyzing the US farm bill and determining economic activity supported by of US agriculture

  • Determining the economic impact of a canola crush facility

  • Determining the economic impact from an investment in the biomass renewable fuel industry

  • Evaluating the economic impact of soybean exports

  • Economic impact of U.S. Biodiesel

Who to Contact

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