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Informa Economics

International Agri-Professional Development Institute (IADI)

The IADI Futures and Options School
April 9-10, 2019
Fogelman Executive Conference Center
Memphis, TN

Mark van Stolk
(901) 766-4557

Could you, your colleagues or your employees benefit from having more knowledge about the uses of commodities futures and/or options? Is there a possibility that merchandisers or buyers in your company may be exposing your company to greater risks then necessary and may not even know that they are? Are there opportunities to improve profitability that may be getting missed?

Risk Management is a critical part of commodities trading and purchasing. Everyone involved in the commodities industry will want to have a solid understanding of how futures and options can contribute to controlling market risk and improving revenue.

The International Agri-professional Development Institute (IADI) Futures and Options School is a convenient and effective way to bring your personnel up to speed on these trading tools. You can depend on us to understand the critical needs of the commodities industry - we have been providing commodity market training to the industry for over 30 years.

Who can benefit from this course?
  • Managers with new-hires;
  • Managers who have been promoted to a position with more trading responsibilities;
  • Financial, Executive and supervisory management who want to better understand what their merchandisers tell them;
  • Staff members who want to be considered for promotions.
  • Inexperienced buyers, merchandisers and traders looking to improve the knowledge depth and skills.
  • Experienced Traders and Merchandisers that want a refresher

The two-day course is divided into three sections that can be combined to serve specific audiences:

Section 1) Introduction to Futures Markets, Price Discovery and Hedging
Section 2) Introduction to Trading and Hedging with Options on Future
Section 3) Intermediate Trading and Hedging with Options

The combination of sections 1 & 2 is perfect as an introductory to futures and options.

The combination of sections 2 & 3 is a good skills addition for people who already have futures experience.

The full course of sections 1-3 is ideal for the more ambitious students who want to get a solid grounding in both futures and options

We do not suggest taking section 3 without first taking section 2, as the two sections build on one-another. Taking section 2 can be done either in this Options School, or as part of our Merchandising School.

Overview of subjects covered – exact content may vary over time:

Day 1 Morning Session

Section 1: Introduction to Futures Markets, Price Discovery and Hedging
  • Futures Markets Overview
  • Contract Specs, Terms and Definitions
  • Futures Trading Mechanics
  • Futures Trading and Risk Management
  • Basis Trading
  • Price Discovery / Convergence
  • Contract Settlement and Taking Delivery
  • Hedging – Descriptions and Types
  • Cross-hedging
  • Price Structure
  • Market “Carry”
  • Processor Spreads
  • Commitments of Traders Information
  • Technical Trading
Day 1 Afternoon Session

Section 2 and 3 are very heavy on working through problems, diagraming and developing a deep understanding of various option positions and strategies, with an emphasis on understanding risks vs. rewards.

Section 2: Introduction to Hedging with Options on Futures
  • Basic Strategies and Option Fundamentals
  • Basic understanding of what influences Options Pricing
  • Review of Basis Option Profit and Loss Diagrams
  • Why Options Have Value
Day 2 All Day

Section 3: Intermediate Trading and Hedging with Options
  • Day-1 recap – concepts and charting
  • Hedging Options vs. Futures
  • Understanding Option Price Behavior
  • Understanding Volatility and the “Greeks”
  • Strategy Selection
  • Managing Positions


REGISTER ONLINE by choosing one of the options below:

$1.325 for Intro Hedging Package

$2,025 for Full Options Package

$2,650 for Futures & Options Package






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