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India Crop Production Service



Informa Economics continues its global crop information service expansion with its new monthly affiliate crop report on India -- a rising global agricultural powerhouse. India is among the world's largest producers of milk, pulses, and spices; has the world's largest cattle herd (buffaloes); as well as the largest area cultivated for wheat, rice and cotton. India also is the second largest producer of rice, wheat, cotton, and sugarcane.

With its New Delhi-based affiliate partner, Agriwatch, providing the local knowledge and contacts, Informa Economics will provide you exclusive acreage and yield survey estimates and analysis for the following crops:

-  Wheat
-  Rice
-  Corn
-  Oilseeds
-  Sugar



The Informa and Agriwatch survey encompasses 12 states that account for 80 to 98 percent of India's production for these crops.

As with all of Informa Economics' global crop services, our India Crop Production Service will offer your business advantages you cannot be without:

  • Impactful survey-based crop reports timed to correspond with key information points during the season;

  • An early look at Informa Economics' view of India's crop situation - usually at least 2-3 days before it is reflected in Informa's research reports;

  • A more detailed forecast and analysis of India's crop situation than in any other Informa Economics report;

  • Detailed charts, tables and narratives of India's crop situation not available anywhere else; and

  • A report written in the common language of the market, designed to make it easier for you and your business to act upon the data and analysis.

Utilizing Agriwatch's unparalleled network of local Indian contacts in 12 states and the Informa Economics' expertise in crop analysis, this truly unique service will provide eight (8) survey reports for India during the growing and harvest season. The survey data collected by Agriwatch will be analyzed by the Informa Economics Crops staff in Memphis, Tennessee, with a process and methodology patterned after the highly successful monthly U.S. crop surveys which have been conducted by Informa Economics (previously Sparks Companies) for over 40 years.


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For more information on subscribing to the India Crop Production Services, please contact:

Informa Economics Group
Tel: 901.202.4600

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