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MPRWeb General FAQ

Q. What is Meat Price Relationships?
Q. Who should I call with questions about my subscription or the system in general?
Q. What information is produced by this system?
Q. What purpose do seasonal factors serve?
Q. What purpose do ratios serve?
Q. What is the frequency and length of the price series used in the seasonal and ratio tools?
Q. How often are the prices updated on the system?
Q. What happens when a price is not quoted?
Q. How do I tell which files are seasonal factors and which are ratios?
Q. Where are the graphs?

Seasonal Factor FAQ

Q. How are seasonal factors calculated?
Q. How do I use the seasonal factors to produce forecasts?
Q. What is the shaded area on the seasonal factor graphs (page 2)?
Q. I see that the most recent price data for the current year is included in the seasonal factor tables. Is the current year used in calculating the 10-year average seasonal factors and how should I use this current-year data in the forecasting process.
Q. What is the red dotted line on the seasonal factor graph?
Q. What are the limitations of using seasonal factors for forecasting?

Price Ratio FAQ

Q. How are price ratios calculated?
Q. How do I use price ratios to produce a forecast for a meat item in the future?
Q. How do I use the standard deviations that are printed in the ratio tables?
Q. What are the shaded areas on the price ratio graphs?
Q. What is the red dotted line on the ratio graphs?
Q. Is it possible to use these price ratios in conjunction with futures prices to generate forecasts?
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