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Informa Economics

Market Analysis

Informa Economics offers a comprehensive package of well-respected, timely and highly detailed commodity market information. The focus is on US and world acreage and crop production, supply and demand estimates, price outlooks, transportation and storage projections, weather forecasts, agricultural policy, farm programs and long-term agribusiness trends. The scope of this work covers the following commodities:

All Major Grains, Oilseeds and Products, Cotton and Fibers

  • Research underpinned by a thorough understanding of production and usage for the US and the world, with fundamental factors incorporated into analysis and price forecasts.

  • US and world production forecasts based on our well-respected survey of acreage and yields.

  • Production prospects in other countries assessed through travel by Informa Economics personnel and extensive contacts around the world.

  • Informa Economics' demand forecasts based on domestic consumption by individual countries, then expanded into detailed projections of trade flows.

  • Livestock, Meat, Poultry and Dairy

  • Detailed analysis on industry structure and profitability at all levels of the vertical supply chain. 

  • Analysis and projections on sectoral supplies, trade, demand and prices covering cattle and beef products, hogs and pork, broilers and chicken parts and turkey.

  • Dairy Group specialized in project consulting and retainer client activities.

  • Expertise in commodity forecasts; strategic planning; hedging and risk management programs; farm policy analysis; international business planning; and competitive cost analysis.

  • Packer Contract Evaluation Service - Due diligence for any long-term marketing agreement, especially designed for hog producers.

  • Feed Ingredient Markets - Your source for market insight

    • Informa Economics provides animal and grain ingredient co-product industries, feed ingredient marketers, biodiesel producers as well as poultry, livestock and dairy producers insight to feed ingredient markets. These markets lack clarity and often function on their own evolving set of fundamentals. Day-to-day contact with these diverse markets allows Informa Economics to provide perspective not easily attained by market participants. Price discovery, commentary and contact in the industry through the Feed Ingredient Daily are the linchpin to the variety of other services Informa Economics can offer to help your company succeed.

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    Soft Commodities

  • Complete fundamental supply/demand analysis for world and domestic sugar, corn sweeteners, cocoa beans and products, and shell eggs and products.

  • Monthly outlook reports with analysis on factors that influence cash and futures price direction.

  • Client service, including regular market updates, quarterly meetings with pricing strategy discussions and customized risk management plans for specific business operations.

  • Specialty Vegetable Oils

  • Fundamental supply/demand analysis and price forecasting for lauric oils, specifically coconut and palm kernel oil.

  • Bi-monthly outlook reports providing production estimates for major countries, such as the Philippines and Malaysia, with balance sheet estimates and cash market forecasts.

  • Client service available through regular telephone contact and quarterly meetings.

  • Weather Services

  • Weather developments monitored 24 hours a day at over 600 worldwide stations.

  • Up-to-the-minute interpretations and forecasts for US and world cropping regions.

  • Agro-meteorologist, staff and equipment located inhouse at Informa Economics Memphis.

  • Frequent and timely information, bulletins and reports on critical events such as El Nino, Indian monsoons and droughts.

  • Informa Economics Morning Comments

  • A daily briefing of factors and events important to the commodity markets, including:

  • US and world crop situations and production outlooks.

  • Supply/demand analysis.

  • Price outlooks.

  • Domestic and international agricultural and trade policy developments.

  • Weather outlooks.

  • Livestock market conditions.

  • Long-Term Forecasting

  • Customized reviews of the five-year world grain and oilseed fundamental outlooks.

  • Special focus on aggregated developments for acreage, production, consumption and trade.

  • Comprehensive long-term projections for the 13 major producing and consuming countries/regions of the world.

  • Custom-designed outlook projections and studies.





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