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Informa Economics

Transportation and Logistics Services

The transportation and logistics services group at Informa provides exceptional analytical, modeling, forecasting, network systems analysis, infrastructure assessment, and supply-chain expertise for a broad array of freight clients, local/state/federal governments and industry organizations. Below is a brief description of the variety of services available.

  • Grain Transportation Retainer Service

    • Weekly Updates delivered electronically each week

    • Monthly Outlooks delivered electronically with rotating emphasis on rail, barge, exports, grain flows, and general outlook discussions

    • Telephone and e-mail access to analysts

    • Quarterly meetings with client

    • Client rates to Informa Economics events and schools

  • Transportation, Logistics and Infrastructure Research and Consulting

Project based consulting, including evaluation of fleets, commodity flow modeling, feasibility studies, assessing transportation providers, modal selection, port selection analysis, port master plans and economic impact assessments, dredging feasibility studies, grain elevator location analysis, expert witness report and testimony, and other project consulting work related to transportation and logistics; providing transportation and logistics audits, and coordinating and advising lane analysis; and performing interim port director functions. Strategic transportation consulting, transportation management outsourcing services and transportation services for all modes of transportation, audits of transportation and logistics services, and advising and coordinating RFQs for lanes of business.

Standard to customized services provided for all network related analysis, including route/shipment optimization of freight flows (highway, rail, water), infrastructure assessment, facility/plant location analysis, market and buffer zone analysis (supply/demand), geographic transportation cost contours and custom tailored maps depicting a myriad of geographic/spatial information including all transportation and infrastructure, business facilities, ports, production and consumption regions, etc.

  • Transportation, Logistics and Fuel Report and Database

Monthly outlook report and database available electronically, focusing on truck, intermodal and general economic outlook with discussion on drivers, truck and rail capacity, truck and railcar loadings, etc.

Three meetings annually that take place where transportation happens, bringing together experts and industry leaders to engage one another in transportation, logistics and infrastructure issues and challenges. Meeting locations and agenda based on participant input and interest. Each roundtable includes Informa's transportation and logistics update.




Current and Recent Informa Economics Grain Transport and Logistics Projects and Analysis

  • Interim Port Director for the Port of Cates Landing, Tiptonville, TN. (Ongoing)

  • "Evaluation and Assessment of Chemical and Liquid Product Market Opportunities for the Inland Tank Barge Market. (Underway)

  • Evaluation and Requirements of Grain, Soybean and Product Export Capacity in the United States. (Underway)

  • Evaluation and Assessment Exporting Biofuels to Mexico. (Underway)

  • Economic Outlook for the Dry Barge Market Operating on the Inland Navigation System. (Underway)

  • Barge Fleet Profile - Informa Economics conducts a yearly profile of the inland barge fleet, including age of fleet data, equipment by company and value of used assets. (On-going)

  • Barge Commodity Profile - Informa Economics annually prepares a commodity barge report, a compendium of barge movements by commodity and barge type. (On-going)

  • Conducting and preparing an annual compilation and analysis of shallow-draft/inland vessel operating costs for a federal government agency. (On-going)

  • Conducting and preparing annual compilation and analysis of ocean going barge vessel operating costs for a federal government agency. (On-going)

  • Conducting and preparing annual compilation and analysis of Great Lakes vessel operating costs for a federal government agency. (On-going)

  • Bond Financing Alternatives for Transportation Infrastructure Supporting Agriculture for two state commodity associations. (2012 to present)

  • Engagement of Participants in a Container-On-Barge Program Transporting Agricultural Products. (2012 to present)

  • An Economic Evaluation of Road Weight Limits for a national commodity association. (December 2013)

  • Evaluation of the Canadian grain handling system. (November 2013)

  • Global Sustainable Soybean Transportation, Comparing Argentina, Brazil and the United States. (September 2013)

  • Development of Infrastructure and Transportation Strategy for State Commodity Association. (July 2013)

  • Economic Impact Analysis of the Low Water Event between St. Louis and Cairo. (June 2013)

  • Roads and Bridges Framework to Identify Entities with Vested Interests to Improve Bridge Funding for a state commodity association. (June 2013)

  • Analysis and Identification of Bridge Infrastructure Impacting Agriculture for a state association. (June 2013)

  • Development of a Port Master Plan for a Public Port. (February 2013)

  • Analysis of Canadian Grain Port Terminals. (October 2012)

  • Renewable Fuel Source Supply Chain Logistics Analysis. (August 2012)

  • Quality Analysis for Soybean Intermodal Shipments for a state commodity association. (August 2012)

  • Lock Maintenance Needs Relative to Commodity Product Value for a state association. (July 2012)

  • Analysis and assessment of a merger between agriculture entities for a Canadian provincial government. (June 2012)

  • Peer Review of Long Term Market Studies for a Central American infrastructure entity. (June 2012)

  • Rural Infrastructure Study for national agriculture transportation association. (June 2012)

  • Study to Identify Opportunities within a Grain Origination Network for a transportation provider. (May 2012)

  • Assess a targeted soybean utilization impact on transportation and infrastructure for a state association. (May 2012)

  • Analysis of the Reefer Supply Chain Relative Commodity Producers for a state association. (May 2012)

  • Impact of a Targeted Commodity Utilization on the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics for a state association. (March 2012)

  • Analysis of Dry Bulk Shipment Logistics to and from the Middle East for a Middle East food company. (March 2012)

  • Summary and Review of Agriculture Transportation and Infrastructure for a private equity company. (February 2012)

  • Analysis of Increasing Road Weight Limits for Agricultural Commodities for a state commodity association. (November 2011)

  • Farm to Market Study for national agricultural association. (September 2011)

  • Long-Term Outlook of Agriculture's Impact on Infrastructure for a private banking group (October 2011)

  • Panama Canal Expansion: Impact on US Agriculture study for national grain association. (September 2011)

  • Evaluation and Outlook for Investment Alternatives of Global Grain Storage Opportunities for a private investment firm (August 2011)

  • Assessment and evaluation of inland of marine assets for a transportation provider. (August 2011)

  • Expert report (assessment of fuel surcharges and other business fees, and review of plaintiff expert report, August 15, 2011) and deposition (September 13, 2011, Memphis, TN) for defendant (confidential, pursuant to protective order)

  • Evaluation of terminal investment alternatives for a private grain company. (June 2011)

  • Profile and Assessment of US Grain Export Capacity for two state grain associations. (June 2011)

  • Grain and soybean impact analysis for infrastructure impediments and failures for a state association. (July 2011)

  • Evaluation and Feasibility of Acquiring a Liquid Truck Company Engaged in Biofuels Transportation for a private investment firm. (June 2011)

  • Infrastructure Assessment and Economic Impact Relative to Grain Movements, Biofuels, Livestock and Further Food Processing study for a state association. (May 2011)

  • Impacts of Higher Truck Weights on Grain Producers for a specific state. (May 2011)

  • Trends and Forecasts of Macro-Level Business Environment for Grain Origination System for a private grain company. (May 2011)

  • Impact Analysis of Climate Change Policy and Evaluation and Outlook of the Supply and Demand Situation of the Inland Barge Fleet. (February 2011)

  • Analysis of transportation factors impacting feed stock and ingredients. (February 2011)

  • Analyze the commodity flows and competitive situation for Mapleton, IL and Bussen Spur. (September 2010)

  • Market and logistic study of palm oil in the US. (September 2010)

  • Analysis of Center Gulf Export elevators and river terminals. (September 2010)

  • Impacts of Higher Truck Weights on Indiana Grain Producers, (August 2010)

  • Economies of scale assessment for a Lake Charles, LA grain export facility. (May 2010)

  • Terminal analysis along Illinois River. (May 2010)

  • Expert report ("Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Tyson Foods, Inc. International Chicken Leg Quarter Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation," July 24, 2009) and deposition (December 16, 2009, Ropes & Gray, New York, NY) to Dickstein Shapiro, LLP for defendant Tyson Foods, Inc. in the matter Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's et al v. Tyson Foods, Inc., in Superior Court of the State of Delaware, Case No. 07c-06255 JEB; 2009-2010

  • Origination dynamics for corn, soybeans and wheat in IL, IA, NE and SD. (May 2010)

  • Grain storage and river loading terminal analysis on Danube River in Bulgaria. (March 2010)

  • Review and Analysis of Corn Rail Rates, prepared for National Corn Growers Association. (December 2009)

  • Long-Term Outlook and Evaluation of the Operating Capacity for Grain, Soybeans and By-Products Exports Through the Pacific Northwest. (December 2009)

  • Barge lock study for the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. (December 2009)

  • Barge fuel tax revenue study of inland navigation systems for state association. (December 2009)

  • Evaluation and Selection of Transportation Management Service. (2009)

  • An Economic Evaluation of Road Weight Limits for Indiana Soybean Association and Indiana Corn Marketing Board. (2009)

  • Evaluation of National Energy and Transportation Corridors for a national association. (2009)

  • Indiana Infrastructure Assessment and Economic Impact Relative to Grain Movements, Biofuels, Livestock and Further Food Processing study for Soybean Association and Indiana Corn Marketing Board. (2009)

  • Evaluation and Outlook of the Towing Industry Servicing the Inland Barge Market along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway for a transportation provider. (2009)

  • Market Evaluation and Outlook of the Liquid Barge Market for a holding company. (2009)

  • Review and Analysis of Fuel Surcharge Programs for an association. (2008)

  • Strategic Review of Transportation and Fleet Requirements for Operating Companies of a corporation. (2008)

  • Analysis of river barge and grain elevator operations on Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio Rivers for a cooperative. (2008)

  • Evaluation and outlook of the towing industry servicing the inland dry barge market along the Gulf Coast for a transportation provider. (2008)

  • Evaluation and Analysis of Fertilizer Logistics Chains for a terminalling company. (2008)

  • Economic Analysis of Army Corps of Engineers Barge Locking Fee for an association. (2008)

  • Commodity and Barge Situation and Outlook Report for a Barge Operator. (2008)

  • Analysis of the US grain origination system for an international grain buyer. (2008)

  • Valuation of Grain Elevators in North Dakota and Minnesota for an international grain buyer. (2008)

  • Expected Incidence of Grain Contamination in U.S. Corn Exports for a seed company. (2008)

  • Evaluation of Existing Maritime Assets and Potential Markets. (2008)

  • Analysis of grain barge loading terminals for a cooperative. (2008)

  • Evaluation of drybulk terminalling on the inland navigation system. (2008)

  • Evaluation of company's transportation and logistics program. (2008)

  • Prepare and facilitate transportation Request for Bid for a steel shipper. (2008)

  • Dry barge market study for a leasing company. (2008)

  • Evaluate competitive trends for soybean products in key international ports from the US, Brazil and Argentina. (2007)

  • Strategic evaluation of a client's terminalling operations and practices (2007).

  • Study on the transportation of DDGS for the U.S. Grains Council. (2007)

  • Feasibility of a River Barge Terminal on the Lower Mississippi River. (2007)

  • Evaluation of an additional truck dump and increased storage capacity. (2007)

  • Strategic assessment of a western Corn Belt grain origination system. (2007)

  • Evaluation and assessment of South America's navigation system and barge industry. (2007)

  • Long-term barge movement forecast for farm and non-farm commodity movements for a federal government agency. (2006)

  • An evaluation and profile of liquid tank barge fleet and the movement of liquid commodities and products by barge on the inland navigation system. (2006)

  • An outlook for the supply of jumbo covered barges for a major US equipment leasing company. Forecasts of future demand for the transportation asset were compared with the demand for these assets. (2006)

  • Black Sea Port evaluation and selection for new dry and liquid port terminals for an international shipper. (2005)

  • Evaluate for an international shipper the Port of Suape, Brazil for a terminal to handle fertilizer imports and grain and soybean exports. (2005)

  • Assess for an international shipper global dredging cost factors and drivers for an international shipping company. (2005)

  • Evaluated and modeled for the World Bank the distribution and infrastructure system of Russia's grain trade. (2004)

  • Barge market outlook and a general overview of US transportation system for a major equipment manufacturer. Movement of major agricultural commodities, by mode, was forecast five years into the future and compared with barge, rail and truck assets. (2004)

  • For a major financial institution, an analysis of a barge company's earning potential based on the outlook for barge movement over the next ten years and the company's cost position relative to competitive carriers. (2003)

  • A comparison of the US rail grain system with the Canadian system including policy, infrastructure and operating practices comparisons. (2003)

  • Gdansk - Poland deep-water port feasibility study for a major lending institution and the project principle. Work included forecasted amounts of throughput and logistical analysis of capabilities. (2003)

  • Evaluation and Outlook of Inland Barge Market Multi-Client Study. Conducted operator surveys, commodity forecasts for barge supply and demand outlook for 5-years. (2003)

  • Barge market outlook and a general overview of transportation system for a major barge line participant. Grain exports and movement to Gulf export facilities was forecast and strategies for development of extra volume from the upper river was explored. (2002)

  • Studied the impact of fuel surtax on barge operators and farmers. Calculated the economic loss to farmers of increased levels of barge fuel tax.

  • Transportation Multi-Client Study - overall review of the US transportation system for several North American transportation entities. Analysis included by-mode projection of movement and future availability of transportation assets.

  • For at least two major owners and operators of covered hopper cars, conducted an outlook for the supply and demand of covered hopper cars in the US. Analysis included projections of car fleet and car fleet demand.

  • An evaluation of selected sites for the development of high through put elevators in Western Canada, including the design and development of an optimization model employing linear programming to assess the greatest potential for a high throughput elevator under a variety of market and transportation related scenarios.

  • An assessment of the costs of building and operating high through put elevators in Western Canada, in the context of market related issues such as shifts in cropping mix, competition from increased processing demand and potential shifts in transportation policy.

  • The development of long term projections (5 to 10 years) of Western Canadian grain flows for a major railroad, including projections of export demand, demand for rail equipment due to directional movements of grain to export positions.

  • An evaluation of the grain collection network for a major Canadian grain company, including an analysis of various potential sites for high throughput elevators.

  • A review of the grain handling network restructuring and rationalization for Transport Canada.

  • Port Competitiveness study for Transport Canada (part of the Estey/Kroeger process) analyzing the potential for Western Canadian grain to flow through non-traditional ports.

  • Ocean Freight Analysis, looking at the implications of changing ocean freight rates and spread on the inland routing of grain in Canada and the United States.

  • Strategic analyses for Inland high-throughput elevators for grain companies.

  • Detailed analysis of rail transportation policies (such as car pooling and car allocation formulae) as they relate to west coast movement, for a Vancouver terminal operator.

  • An analysis of railway competitiveness in Western Canada.



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